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If you're new to ad tech, refer to our ad tech glossary for any unfamiliar terms.

To start advertising with Liftoff Direct, you will do some setup on the Liftoff Direct Dashboard. Follow this high-level checklist to start advertising with Liftoff Direct:

Step Where this is done Instructions
1. Visit the Liftoff Direct Dashboard and create an account. Liftoff Direct Dashboard You will be guided through the sign-up process.
2. Enter your organization details, add team members to the account, and set up payment information. My Account menu item under your username in the top right corner of the Liftoff Direct Dashboard Account Settings
3. Create an advertiser app with Liftoff Direct. Applications tab in the Liftoff Direct Dashboard Applications Tab: Create and Manage Apps
4. Create an advertising campaign. Campaigns tab in the Liftoff Direct Dashboard Campaigns Tab: Create and Manage Campaigns
5. Define creatives by uploading assets. Creatives tab in the Liftoff Direct Dashboard Creatives Tab: Add Assets, Build Creatives and Get Started With Liftoff Direct Creative

6. Start advertising! 

Don’t forget to consult our recommended best practices, and everything you ever wanted to know about building creatives!

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